Oes Tsetnoc in the Philippines

Let's take a break for the travels for a while. Let's talk about the latest buzz in the SEO world in which many Filipino practitioners are involved with. It is about "oes tsetnoc". It may be a bizarre word, but for the SEO professionals, it is a gold mine, either financial or for the prestige it would bring.

It is actually a SEO contest sponsored by Promo Junkie Webmasters Forum with the key phrase "oes tsetnoc", just the reverse of SEO Contest. It started last September 10, 2009 and is going to culminate on December 15, 2009. The winner is going to receive $1000, runner-up is $300 and the third prize is $200.

Although the monetary reward is not that big, the contest has generated a lot of interest from the SEO practitioners in the world. That makes the competition real tough. The best in the world converge and compete to the top of the SERPs and beginners like me find it very hard to climb to SERP ladder.

Nevertheless, there are Filipino participants who are now in the top ten and are holding on to their spots. They are the SEO gurus in the Philippines namely Bleuken, Lloydi and Redirection (their aliases). My entry so far has crawled up to the 13th spot but the closure of Geocities.com has affected its rank and it is now (as of this writing) in number 21.

My goal originally was to be in the top 20, and I will be very happy for that. But upon seeing my entry to the 13th spot, it gives me enthusiasm to work more for my entry. In fact, the drop in ranking happened when I was in vacation for three weeks (vacation to a place that has no internet at all).

In my return, I would be doubling my time to work for this even of I am also working for my other sites. With the way my site performs against the best SEO practitioners in the world, I have proven that my SEO strategies are working even if I am going to go against the best. I have even edged some of the famous SEO people in seo.ph website. There are a lot of Pinoys in the contest and so far, those three mentioned above have climbed their way to the top 10 and there's one I think in the top 20 as of this writing.

I am confident that my entry can climb back to the to p20 and hopefully can crawl up to the top10. If it can go to tthe top 10, then it will surpass my expectation and it will be a good finish for a SEO newbie like me.